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DZHI Trader

DZHI Trader

DZHI Trader is a sophisticated trading platform that offers you the best-of-class trading experience with reliable access from any desktop operating system, web browser, iOS and Android mobile device. Featuring new collaboration tools, DZHI Trader delivers a powerful mix of news, real-time financial market data and trading execution features through its customizable filter and intuitively-presented platform that fulfils your trading needs anytime, anywhere.

As one of the leading pioneers of real-time delivery of equity, futures and commodity market information over the internet in Asia, DZH International has developed a series of dynamic, user-friendly and top-selling financial market data analytics products. DZH International has continually supported the Pan-Asia financial ecosystem catering to individuals, small and large institutional investors, brokers and dealers.

We offer a comprehensive array of features, data and delivery methods with the capacity and access to white-label products that cover ASEAN, APAC and US financial instruments through our customized software packages.

Product Features

Optimised Trading Efficiency

Drag-and-drop feature, auto-lookup of counters across multiple markets and hot-keys for quick access. Real-time pre-trade risk management with risk checks at multiple levels (account, dealer etc).

Visualization and Customization

Visualization aids such as pie-chart, heat-map, distribution chart, drill down etc. APIs available to develop new custom widgets.

Integrated Charts and Tools

Top-of-the-line real time charting tool based on HTML5. Has over 30 technical indicators with advanced technical analysis and extensive drawing tools.

Multi-Market, Multi-Currency, Multi-Lingual

Inbuilt language support for English, Chinese and local language for multiple markets and currency. More languages can be provisioned if required.

Multi-Channel Alerts

Real-time multi-channel alerts via real-time push to platform, email, SMS such as market breaking news, portfolio tracking, risk monitoring, etc.

News and Research

Enriched market data and integrated research information tagged to various counters.

Mobile and Tablet

Optimized trading experience on both the tablet and mobile. Intuitive touch and actions enabled.